Rockin night…

You won’t want to miss this! Some of my friends have organized an awesome fun night to raise support for my upcoming surgery and our move to Boston.
We have four bands (maybe more) battling it out, playing fun covers and great music. We will also have tables lined with yummy crockpot foods to sample. There will be face painting for the kids and a very family friendly environment so bring the whole family.

Hope to see you there


drizzly fall day

Just a sleepy Saturday afternoon here. My husband is out in the garage, working on building some shelves; which will be so nice when they’re done and the garage is organized. I’m snuggled up on the couch with a blanket, working on a script for a video project we will be filming soon. The video will be shown at a fundraiser event happening in the near future (more details to come soon). It’s the perfect fall day, grey skies and a little drizzle falling every once in a while.

Fall is my favorite of all the seasons. Growing up in the pacific northwest I never knew how amazing fall was until I moved to the east coast to go to college. I think fall might have been the reason I stayed in Boston for so long. I remember one day during the fall in Boston, when all the trees were bright orange, red, and yellow, going for a drive. As I often did, I began to dream and contemplate what to do next in my life. I remember driving down this road that was lined with bright yellow trees and thinking, how could leave this place that is so beautiful. So I stayed. Eventually I did move and am so thankful that here the fall is beautiful too (although nothing beats a fall in New England).

Fall is also my favorite time because it reminds me of how amazing God is. First off, just the fact that he created fall is amazing. Our creator is creative. He created beautiful things, beauty that points us to a God we can’t physically see. The bible says:

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…”  Romans 1:20 (NIV)

The thing that fall reminds me about most, is how God can bring beauty in every season of our life; even the fall and winters of our life. Fall is a time when the trees begin to shut down their photosynthesis processes and get ready for winter where there is less light (i.e. food). During the summer leaves work hard to turn sun and water into food, and then the days start getting shorter and it gets harder to do this. Its like the leaves are saying, well there’s nothing left we can do, so we’re going to let go of control and let God sustain us through this time. And then when they do let go amazing things happen. They become so beautiful, so bright and colorful.

Can you see the parallel to our lives? Hard seasons will come, times when no matter how hard we try we can’t do anything to fix it or make it better. But God is asking us to let the control go and rest. Yes winter is coming and winter is hard, but it’s also a time when we can rest and rely on God. And oh, the beauty he wants to create in us when we do let go and rest in Him.

For me this is not just a one time thing. Letting go of control is a daily thing, maybe even more than daily if I’m honest. But man, the beauty that comes when I do this! Here’s an example…

Recently I have had to let go of control of trying to figure out how to raise enough money for our expenses during our time in Boston for my surgery. Some friends of mine have stepped up and loved David and I more than I could ever have dreamed. They are in the process right now of planning a fundraiser night for us. Seeing the way God is working, and using them is like seeing the road lined with bright yellow trees. Even though this time is hard, and yes we are preparing for the winter (an even harder season), God is showing me that when I rest in him, and let go control, he has the opportunity to do BIG beautiful things in my life.

I hope that when you see the fall leaves this season it will remind you to rely and rest in God. Only He can create such beauty, but only if the leaves stop trying to do it on their own and rest in Him.

Angela and family are raising support for her upcoming journey to Boston for her above the knee amputation. Please check out her page.

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new website and we have a date…

Welcome to the new site. It’s mine, my own domain name, although it looks pretty similar to my old one, but from now on you can tune in here to get updates on my surgery and adventures. Don’t forget to subscribe below to get email updates every time I post.

Now onto the big news. We finally have an official DATE OF SURGERY! January 25th, 2017. It seems a little surreal but we are slowly getting our minds wrapped around it and beginning to make more concrete plans. I have to be in Boston by January 20th for pre-op.

I haven’t really been talking about this too much yet because we didn’t have a date, but now that we do I will ask. Our family is raising money for medical, travel and living expenses during my surgery and recovery. We will be temporarily moving to Boston for 6 months to a year, and for at least the first part of our time there David will be without a job in order to take care and help me during what will be a very scary and painful time. We appreciate anything people are able to give. Whether it is a one time gift or small monthly support, anything would help us get through this time financially.

There are a few ways you can give.

We have a page you can donate on. This is an easy way to give using a debit or credit card. However, a small fee is taken out of each donation.

Donate Now – Secure Online Fundraising

You can also give by sending a check to:

David and Angela Hansen
PO BOX 6924
Eureka, CA 95502

This is my (Angela) parents PO BOX and any donations received will be sent our way, we just didn’t want to give our home address on a public website.

There may be other ways you can help too. For example if anyone in the Boston area has a car we could borrow for the time we are there, or possibly a place we could stay after I am out of the hospital and in rehab, before we head back home, any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated. We don’t exactly know what we will be in need of, we may even drive our own car to Boston, but I thought I’d just put it out there and see what God does.

I will keep everyone updated as we start making more plans. September was a busy month, my parents were here visiting, so I didn’t post a lot, but I am hopefully going to post more in the next upcoming months.

Both David and I really appreciate all the prayers and support we have received. Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates.