Hi everyone this is Angela. My sister left today, and so did my web site content writer ????. And yes I am doing well enough to update everyone but I am extremely sleepy and groogy, so today’s update will be short. 

I miss my sister. Having her here made thing easier. She was my hairstylist, masseuse, and all together helper for me, David and my mom. She also bought a Mad Libs book that made us all laugh several times. 

Spent most of the day sleeping. Late morning I transferred to my chair and hung out there most of the day. Did more mirror therapy and that’s about it. 

Tomorrow Dr. Spencer will be taking off the vacuum over the wound, that was put in place after surgery to drain any post op fluid. Thankfully, it has not put out hardly any fluids. 

Today I received flowers from my dentist office. That’s right our dentist office Edgewater Dental in Nampa. How cool is that! ???? Was so nice and encouraging and is totally brightening up my room. 

My mom and I have started decorating some of my room. Maybe tomorrow we will have a few more cards to hang up and I’ll feel up to coloring in some of my coloring books I’ve gotten as gifts, to help brighten up the room some more.

David continues to be my rock and biggest helper. Thankfully we are both sleeping better than we thought we would each night and are so amazed at how well everything is going. We both praise God for his mercy and peace and are so thankful for all the love and support from all of you. I love reading all the comments on the blog and facebook. Even if I don’t respond just know that I do see them and they keep my spirits lifted. 

Couple things to pray for: 

1. Noon (ET) Dr Spencer is removing the VAC. She will be numbing the area but it will hurt. Please pray for less pain and that everything goes as it should. 

2. I’ve been itching a lot both from the wound healing and from the medication I’m on. Pleas pray that stops. 

3. David’s continued energy, strength and patients with me. 

4. My mom will be with us until Saturday. Please pray that she would have extra pain relief and strength during this time. 

5. Last ones a long shot, but God says to ask. Originally I had been praying that I would be stable enough to watch the Super Bowl, that was kind of my secret hope before the surgery, which just meant to me that in the hospital I would be out of the ICU and feel well enough to enjoy watching. Well I’m pretty sure I will, but now I’ve started to hope that I will be able to go home by Saturday and watch the Super Bowl at home. Wouldn’t that be amazing. Either way I’m still so thankful I’ll be able to watch the Pats play!!! ????????

Ok that’s it for now! Love The Hansens ❤

Good events today!

Today Angela was freed of all lines (IV, catheter, leads) except 1- the “vacuum” on her stump! 

Her digestive system got going again today… 😉 This is a major major answer to prayer. Usually Ang struggles with her system moving slowly due to all the medication . But literally Praise the Lord she pooped. 

Also a prosthetist came by to talk about the next step in her journey of being able to walk again! After the VAC comes off she will be fitted with a “shrinker.”

David and my mom bought a mirror today so that Angela could continue the mirror therapy without having to wait for PT to come by. The mirror tricks her brain to thinking that her right leg reflection is her left leg. And it’s working. It is helping with her phantom pain.
She’s a pro at holding her stump while she stands up! (She has to keep it elevated at all times until it’s properly healed and the doc says it’s good to go.) She’a been moving from chair to bed pretty easily.
I (Jen) am leaving Boston early tomorrow. I am so thankful I could be here for this time. I’m so proud of my sister and the way that she continues to trust God. Thank you for praying for all of us, and showing us the amazing power of coming together in prayer and seeing miracles. I pray that each one of you experiences this in your own life as well!

Uneventful Days Are Good

Today was pretty uneventful but we like that… (no news is good news, right?). In the midst of managing pain levels and being really tired, God continues to provide times of joy. Here’s a few photos…

Ang is a big Patriots fan so we brought her blanket she had and my mom got her some pajamas to match so she’s ready for the Super Bowl!
We went to church this morning (Stonehill – Angela and David’s church in Idaho- on YouTube) ????
The view from the floor!
Her bandage got changed today and she sat in the chair again!

We had a few good laughs today ????

Please pray that things will continue to progress well… soon the doctors and nurses will discuss decreasing pain medication. The medications make her tired and affect her digestive system, so we hope for these issues to resolve soon. 

Thanks again for all your love, support, prayers, comments, and messages. Angela has been so encouraged by them ????

-Jen and the rest of Ang’s A-Team ????

Oh Happy Day!

Thank you thank you thank you for praying! 
The PT nurse came around 11:30am today, and Angela was able to move from her bed to a chair! They also started doing mirror therapy, basically where you try to trick your mind into thinking that your problem-free leg is also your other leg so that you think there’s no pain. At 2:30pm the PT nurse came back and Angela moved back to the bed (video below).

She got good sleep last night. She is still in pain and occasionally has really bad pain in her stump that she just has to ride out ????

The doctors and nurses come by everyday to talk about the progress and the plan; little by little lines get taken out and she gets weaned off different medications.

And the cherry on top of all this progress is that she just left ICU to move to a private room with lots of space and a great view and a big TV! ????​​

More to come tomorrow…

Friday Morning

Angela had a fever this morning. The doctors decided to continue antibiotics for now. The pain has been a rollercoaster ride so far. They wanted to try to bring down one medication and start to replace it with something else. Once they brought the dose down, Angela started to hurt more, so they doubled up on something else.

One of the things that the orthopedic doctor wants is for Angela to work on sitting up. They will work on getting her sitting up in bed, moving to the edge, and eventually getting her into a chair, but that’s it for the moment. We’re still waiting for PT to start her on some training or therapy that will help her with phantom pain. Imagine you have in itch on the back of your hand or wrist. Now try to scratch the itch without touching that arm. That’s the best example I can think of.

She slept much better last night. Her breathing wasn’t shallow enough to set off any alarms this time. They did take her off IV fluids, but has since put her back on because they want her more hydrated. She’s still trying to stay pretty positive, but it’s not easy. Her blood thinners are at the same level now as before the surgery, so that’s good.

Thursday Morning 

*** Warning- there is a photo of Angela at the end of this post that shows her stump with its bandage on it. If you have a weak stomach, do not scroll down all the way!!***

Before this morning’s update, I realized I never let everyone know that they were able to take the breathing tube out before she woke up yesterday! Thank you for praying for that! 🙂

This morning the anesthesia is wearing off, and Angela is starting to have more pain. There are teams of doctors and nurses monitoring her pain, blood, and healing process, and she is definitely in good hands here. But we would appreciate prayer that they would be able to manage her pain and that it would go away (both in her stump and phantom pain). 

Also, today they will be starting her back on blood thinners (she is normally on them at home). This means that it will be a balancing act between blood thinners to prevent clotting, but not too much so her stump can heal. Again, the doctors are working to get this right, but we would ask for prayer for this as well. 

We’re not sure how long she will be in ICU, but will probably have a better idea once the blood thinners start back up and are at the right levels. 

Again, thank you for praying and standing with Angela ????❤️


Angela’s machinery
The black area is part of her bandage.

The end and the beginning 

She’s out of surgery, everything went as good as hoped for! As the doctor put it, this is the first 10%; the rest is the next few weeks when we wait and see how recovery goes. But we are SO thankful and believe that God answered so many prayers for this day. THANK YOU! 

Right now she is feeling what is referred to as phantom pain, where she still feels like her leg is there and it hurts… so our prayer now is for that to go away quickly and for the doctors and nurses to be able to manage her pain well. Thank you!

Surgery Update

Thank you all for your love, support, and continued prayers. God has been so good through it all, but I feel the most difficult times lie ahead. I just got another update. She said Angela was doing great, but they started the actual surgery an hour ago. That was around 11 here, so 8 West Coast time. That’s all they said, and I will get another update around 1:30.

~ David