Doing better

God is answering lots of prayers and the antibiotics seem to be working. The redness is retreating from the line we made on Wednesday. As long as it continues to get better our next appointment will be Thursday with the surgeon Dr Spencer. But please keep praying that the infection goes completely away, there are still red spots and spots that have some ooze ????. Thank you for your prayers, please don’t stop ????. 

So today (Friday) it is 70 degrees at 2pm and sunny. Crazy Massachusetts spring, one day it will be 70, the next it will be snowing, and then some 40s with rain then more 70s. This will go on till around May, when one day it will be 80 and summer. We never get a real spring. So on days like today you gratefully soak in the warm sunny weather. 

Today we decided to drive into the town center, which is about 10 min from us, to sit on a bench right by the water, and enjoy the wonderfull view of Plymouth harbor and the bay. 

David taking a picture, which make my view even better ????

David made us sandwiches and packed a lunch and we had a nice picnic. After lunch we spent a few min walking around the pier and taking some pictures of the water and small shops along the road. 

We’re back home now and it’s time for a nap. Thanks again for all your prayers. Praise God for his healing and mercy. We feel so loved by all the support and prayers of everyone; people all over the country, the world, some we are close with, others we’ve never met. It’s pretty crazy, we are so grateful! 

Love you all! ❤️

Not doing great

So after almost 4 weeks of miraculous healing we got our first setback. I have an infection in the incision that was almost healed. 

It was very scary mostly because our surgeon was out of town. We saw a different orthopedic doctor yesterday (Tuesday) and he prescribed antibiotics. 

Last night was very difficult. The pain in the stump was worse than it’s been ever. This morning when I woke up it felt a little better but it definitely was still worse than the day before. So we called the orthopedic nurses and they spoke with the doctor I saw yesterday. The doctor looked at all the pictures that we sent from the morning and decided that he wanted to wait 24 to 48 hours to see if the anabiotics would work. The plan is to just wait and see if the antibiotics work. We’re supposed to let them know if I start feeling worse or if the infection gets worse. 

The thing that worried me the most was that Dr. Spencer was out of town and yesterday couldn’t be reached. I just wanted her to know what was going on, and make sure she was OK with the plan. And thankfully we heard this afternoon that she talk to the doctor  we saw yesterday and was in agreement with the plan. She said that if I started to feel worse or the infection got worse then we would come into Boston for IV antibiotics. 

So now we wait and pray for healing. So thankful for all the prayers and support and just asking for specific prayer now for healing of the infection.

Warm weather, to the beach!

We’ve been getting into a really bad habit of going to bed very late, and getting up very late each day, especially since we haven’t had much to do or had anything to get up early for. But it’s not a great habit to get into. They say the more sleep one gets before midnight, the better quality sleep it is. So last night (Saturday night) David and I shut the TV off at 10 PM and prayed together (this is a tradition we’ve been doing since we’ve gotten married, every night in bed we pray together, for each other, for other people, definitely thanking God for all he’s done for us). We set our alarm for 8 AM and tried our best to fall asleep. I read for a little and David tossed and turned but we finally fell asleep around 11pm.

We reluctantly got up at 8am, but we did. David made some coffee and got we situated on the couch to “go to church.” Since I’m not ready yet to attend a local church, we have decided to watch a sermon online from our church at home. Attending church here would be so nice, but not only is it physically hard for me to sit for long periods of time, it’s emotionally hard for me to be surrounded by people, who all mean well, but because of my natural introvertedness I get absolutely drained by all these people. trying to love on us.

After we finished the Stonehill sermon online, we got ready for the day. I’ve been able to take a shower a lot easier since David “MacGyver’d” the shower seat to fit better in the shower and Dr. Spencer gave me the ok to shower without covering the wound. I decided that I would wear “normal” clothes today. This was actually the first time I had worn something other than my pajamas. The main reason being pajamas are so much easier because of how wide in the thigh they are around my stump, especially men’s pajamas like I’ve been wearing. To make it able to wear “normal” clothes, I took a pair of my yoga pants and cut the left leg off. I was able to stretch out the remaining left pant leg so that it comfortably fit over my stump. And there you go, I was in yoga pants.


We had decided to head to the Cape Cod mall for two reasons. It was a beautiful day and the drive would be a nice 30 min drive, south of where we lived, which we had not explored yet. Also, the mall would be a great place to walk around, so David could get a little exercise. On the way we got some Dunkins, ’cause a sunny day is great with a Dunkin Iced coffee (3 sugars and milk).


We crossed over the Sagamore Bridge. If you’re from around here you know, there are, I think, two bridges to the Cape, and they get wicked backed up during the summer. I just remember hearing about Friday night or weekend traffic around the Sagamore Bridge.


After we were done at the mall, which it turns out Cape Cod mall is quite small, we decided to try and find the beach. And we did. We parked in the parking lot, which was right at the edge of the sand, and I decided I wanted to try and stick my foot in the sand. First time on crutches. It was difficult. I had to use my muscles to hold my leg up, because it still needs to be elevated at all times. However these are the same muscles I used to hold my leg up when my knee was frozen at a 90 angle before the surgery, so it was a little easier. However, it was strangely different crutching with just my stump than having my whole leg. 

I made it the one or two steps from the car to sitting on the curb. And there it was my foot was in the sand!!

The sun was nice and bright and if that was all we would have been very warm, but, unfortunately, the wind was cold and strong, so we only lasted 15 min or so. But it was so nice to see the water and put my foot in the sand, and snuggle up close to David.

We got back in the car and decided to head back home. We had a little bit of a drive to get back and I was already feeling tired and my leg was having a lot of phantom pain and pain in the stump.

It was a great day. 

Seems like those days come a cost though. I had a pretty bad night and even the next day it seemed like I was still recovering. We have learned that I can handle one thing at a time. A trip to the mall, a drive to the beach, but not both. But I do want to do something every once in a while. I’ll go crazy staying in this house all day, I just have to learn how to pace myself. But I am learning.

Today, Tuesday, we are headed to get a blood test and a quick stop at the store, but that’s it. Yesterday was pretty amazing. Two of my good friends came over and cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes for us; which was a great help for David, and a blessing for me, since I am unable to help David with household chores right now.

My Monday angels, Jenny was on dishes and Nicole cleaned the bathroom. Didn’t get a pic yesterday. This picture was of us two years ago when I was here to visit and Nicole was almost 9 months pregnant. Promise I’ll get a new picture next time ????????.

Going to go get ready to head out for my blood test! Oh and I’m also happy to report that we have successfully, for the last 3 nights, turned off the TV at 10pm and got up at 8am. We’re a little tired, but I think it might take more than 3 tries to change a long time bad habit. Ok, bye for now! ????

Friday Facebook Live

Today we did a live broadcast on Facebook. Actually we ended up doing two. The first one was in the early afternoon. I had just freshened up (makeup and all) and I was feeling pretty good. We talked about how things were going, update since the surgery, about the surgery itself, and I answered some questions from people who had joined in on the live Facebook broadcast. Then, after a lot of warning, we showed the wound (incision), how well it’s healing, and then David dressed the wound and we finished up any more questions. 

Not the best pic, screen shot of the live broadcast.

After the broadcast David and I went for a drive and to the store. The sun was beautiful, bright and warm (inside the car). David went into the store and I waited in the car. We were gone for a couple of hours. 
Sun, Starbucks and reading in the car, while I wait for David in the store.
The car ride was a little bit difficult.  I was having a lot of phantom pain. It feels like my leg that is no longer there is asleep, like when you wake up with a dead leg and you have to get up and walk around on your foot, even though it hurts, to wake it up. Like that but I can get up and walk around to “wake” it up. I was also having pain in my stump, mostly muscle pain and aching. But at the same time being out of the house and in the sun was good. When I got home I was very tired and in a lot of pain. I was talking to my mom, telling her how I was feeling and I said to her that I should do a live feed now so people could see what it’s like sometime. She said maybe I should. So when we got home and got positioned in my spot on the couch I did another short Facebook Live video to show how things usually are in the evening. 

Here’s the two video. 

Live Broadcast

Tomorrow (Friday, February 17th) at 1:00pm EST (11am ID, 10am CA) we will be doing a Facebook Live broadcast of my wound and David changing my dressing. The live broadcast can be found on my Facebook page. Just click on the link below. 

The Adventures of a One Legged Woman Facebook Page.

The wound is actually healed pretty well already so don’t expect a lot of blood and guts, but if you do not like that kind of stuff just don’t watch it. 

I will also be doing a short update on how things are going at the beginning of the broadcast. If you would like to watch that part I promise that I will give plenty of warning before we show any shots of the wound. 

See you tomorrow!

Our first date…

Two years ago today, February 13, 2015, David and I had our first date. He took me to my favorite restaurant, Thailand Express, and then to a movie, we saw American Sniper. A lot has happened in the last two years and I am so thankful that God had brought us together. He is my helper, my comfort, my best friend, the love of my life, my favorite person to hang out with, he makes me laugh, he takes my pain away, he lets me cry, he is so patient with me, and especially the last three weeks he has been…there really aren’t even words…I literally couldn’t have done this without him. So this day is pretty special, even though it was only celebrated this year with takeout Thai food and binge watching “Love it or List it” on HGTV, curled up on the bed together. Maybe next year we will celebrate at home at our favorite Thai restaurant. 

1st Date, actually about 30 minutes after we first met in person ever

First year anniversary celebrating at the same restaurant we went to on our first date

Two years since our first date, I kind a wish I looked a little better but considering the situation I’m just glad to be with David.

Some days are good days some days are not great 

Ok here’s the truth, because I think it’s important to not sugarcoat what is going on here. Although I don’t want to just complain the whole time too, but here it is. I had a really bad night last night. David and I both have a cold, and the pressure in my head from the congestion gave me a very very bad headache last night. I did not sleep well. The post nasal drip has been giving me a stomach ache, blah, blah, blah. It wouldn’t really be that bad but it seems to make everything else hurt worse, and I am very tired. 

Today we drove the hour into Boston for my follow-up appointment with Dr. Spencer and the pain team. The appointment with Dr. Spencer went great. My wound is healing very well and she is very optimistic about how everything is going. My pain appointment went very differently. The doctor made me feel like it was wrong of me to need the pain medication I do for the long term that I need it.  Even just only a week after I’ve been discharged from the hospital. I am still in a significant amount of pain. I know that there are laws now that make it very hard for doctors to prescribe pain medication, but it’s really very sad that they treat patients the way they do when it’s not their fault. I am in pain from a surgery that I had only slightly over two weeks ago, not to mention the chronic pain that I face every day from my vascular anomalies condition. My goal after this is all over is to not have to take strong pain medication, but right now I need it and the way the doctor made me feel was very unnecessary, and just added to the stress and pain that I had already feel. On top of that it was the doctor that I’ve already seen when I used to live in Boston and I got the same junk from him when I lived here before and saw him. 

Anyway it was a long day and right now I’m sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store waiting for David to grab some food because more snow is coming and we’re making sure we have enough food so we don’t have to go out for the next couple of days. David has been great, I’m sure he is tired too and I know he’s not feeling good from the same cold that I have. He is a good support and very patient with me. I can only say that God had such a good plan bringing him into my life. He is what can make my bad days good. 

Ok Now it’s time to talk about some good day stuff. David’s mom sent me some cool pens. So I could use them with all my adult coloring books, bullet journaling, card making, handwriting and calligraphy. They’re amazing ???? some are sparkly, some are paint sharpies. So see,  even the midst of bad days there are good things to bring you joy and to be thankful for. 

Thank you Carol (my mother-in-law) for the great pens. Ok David and I are watching Trolls. That’s all for now. 

Sleepy blizzard day

I wish I had more to post about, but today I pretty much slept all day. In fact right now I’m using the talk to text function on my phone and I have my eyes closed. I guess my body just needs the extra sleep to recover from everything and so that’s what I’ve been doing. Plus today we had a blizzard here in Plymouth, literally, we got 14 inches of snow with gust of wind up to 35 mph. So even if I could go outside, I wouldn’t and me and David stayed inside all day.

I have heard some comments from people about the picture in a previous post where I was standing up with my stump down, wearing all my patriots gear. I am allowed to stand up but I should keep my stump elevated which means I hold my stump up. In the picture I literally let it hang down for one or two seconds while David snapped the picture. I just wanted people to see what it looks like, and I actually wanted to see what I look like since I hadn’t seen it fully standing like that before. I have a lot of strength from standing on my one leg for the last nine months since my left leg had become unusable. So really there was not anything dangerous about what I was doing and I always keep my leg elevated whenever I get up, usually transferring into my wheelchair.

Lastly we just wanted to let everyone know that we will be doing a live broadcast through Facebook of the changing of the dressing on my stump. We will be doing it on Saturday the 11th at 8 PM EST (6 in ID, 5 in CA). We will be doing it through The Adventures of a One Legged Woman Facebook page so if you haven’t already, please go to the Facebook page and like it. I will be posting lots of things on Facebook as well. 

Tomorrow we’re headed into Boston for my first postop appointment. I will keep people updated on what the doctor says if I’m not too tired after the appointment. 

Still celebrating

Yesterday and today have been filled with celebrating the victory of the Patriots win of Sunday night’s super Bowl game. The game was amazing and I just want to say that I never gave up hope. After halftime I told David “it’s never over until it’s over”. And it wasn’t over until it was over, with a history making second half and over time the patriots did their job and won number five. 

Now when I say celebrating, I mean wearing my patriots sweatshirt and watching the parade today on TV from the couch. 

Not a whole lot of real celebrating. Although yesterday I got to get out of the house and we made a trip to Walmart (I stayed in the car while David ran in and got some things we needed). It was a bright and sunny day yesterday and it felt good to be out of the house. And amazingly I did OK although when I got home I was in a little bit more pain then usual but it still felt good to get out of the house. 

Last night two of my friends came over and brought us some dinner and visited for a while. Nicole and Jenn (Jenny) were roommates of mine for one of the years I lived in the Boston area. We caught up and reminisced about some good times we had as roommates.

The next couple of days are going to be pretty boring until my first follow-up appointment in Boston on Friday. David and I will probably be playing lots of games and watching some TVs and movies. Right now our favorite game to play his Ticket to Ride. 

Physically I am doing very well considering. I do have pain and especially towards the end of the day it gets worse. But I am so thankful for how well everything is going. Every day David has to change my dressing on the wound,  and it’s hard to tell if anything is changing, but it definitely doesn’t look worse, so that’s good. We will get the official say on Friday when we see Dr. Spencer.

Yesterday I did a Facebook live post while we were out enjoying the nice weather on our way to Walmart. Here is the link.

We are considering doing a Facebook live post of David changing the dressing on my wound. Is that something some of you would be interested in seeing? Comment below. Obviously there would be a lot of warning before the video started so if you choose not to watch it you do not have to. So let me know what you think.

That’s it for now. We miss everyone so much and as always are so appreciative of everyone’s love and support and prayers. I would not be where I am at today if it weren’t for all of the prayers of everyone and God’s mercy and blessing on us. 

One more thing. The verse above I found last year and started praying it for our family. We have had a lot of hard things in our lives and I was praying a lot for God to bring a time of dancing and celebration, instead of pain and sorrow, to our lives. All the celebration with the Patriots winning has reminded me how much I’ve prayed this verse for my family. And also how much there is to celebrate and be thankful for. It has literally been less than 2 weeks since my surgery and I am home, with controlled pain (sometime still not feeling great but manageable), able to go to the bathroom (ok TMI but that is a big deal), no extra bleeding, stump seems to be healing, etc. A miracle is happing. God has exchanged out sorrow for rejoicing. And I hope that someday soon I will be dancing!!! 

Go Patriots!

Again today’s post will be a little short, between the medicine and the activity of leaving the hospital yesterday I am very very tired today.

Not tired enough though to watch the Super Bowl in a few hours. Go Pats. I have all my Patriots gear on today and I’m ready for a good game. I’m sitting here on the couch thinking about how 2 weeks ago I was sitting here thinking how amazing it would be if I could be home watching the Super Bowl right here on the couch. And here I am. God has been so good and merciful through all of this. 

Ok my eyes are shutting and David is taking the phone away for me in case I fall asleep and start typing weird things ????????????????.

I will hopefully type more tomorrow. If anyone has any questions about how my recovery is going or about my faith, or what God has been doing in my life, or anything random, etc. Please comment below or email me at Thank you all for the support and love and prayers. We are truly blessed.

Time for quick nap before I watch the Patriots kick the Falcons butt. 

Go Patriots!!!!!!!